Statement by the Council of Christians and Jews on the antisemitic and anti-Asian manifestations in Perth, Western Australia


The Australian Council of Christians and Jews deplores the mindless antisemitic attack on the Perth Hebrew Congregation's synagogue. Coming as it did, only days after a similar attack in Wellington, New Zealand, the upsurge in this traditional expression of antisemitism is endemic of a form of ignorance and narrow vision which can only be countered by more widespread understanding of the rights of minorities to live in peace in our society, the Council said.

The Council stressed that the organisation, which is a branch of the world-wide International Council of Christians and Jews is pledged to undertake far-reaching programs of dialogue between religious denominations. It aims to eradicate the ignorance which has been allowed to fester over the centuries of Jewish values and Jewish contributions to humanity in  the Christian world.

“”The Council's goals are to correct the misteachings on Judaism from which so much of the Jewish stereotype unfortunately stems””, its statement said.

“”We are fortunate that in today's Australian open society there are many enlightened minds in the Christian community who are helping in this work and whose efforts are bearing demonstrable results in many facets of Australian society.

“”This does not mean that we can relax our efforts and this equally means we need to be aware that there are pockets of Australian society which find it convenient to scapegoat minorities for their own shortcomings.

“”It is significant that these cowardly attacks on Jewish buildings, monuments and cemeteries are always carried out under cover of darkness. We need to uncover them and confront those who urge young people to carry out such attacks to enable all minorities in Australian society to continue to live in peace without fear of such un-Australian acts of discrimination.””

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