Guidelines for Rightly Interpreting the NT

Some Christian churches and schools continue to teach that Christianity superseded Judaism, and that the Jews killed God’s promised messiah, Jesus, which developed into the historical accusation of deicide against the Jews. The Executive of the Council of Christians and Jews Victoria recognised that teachers and preachers should receive adequate guidelines to enable them to present areas of the New Testament in a manner without exciting hatred. Accordingly, the Executive appointed a committee to: (a) identify areas in the New Testament, the teachings of which, without appropriate explanations and cautions, are capable of provoking feelings of hostility towards Jews and thereby causing distress to the sensibilities of members of the Jewish faith; (b) to consider whether problems arising out of those areas and teachings stem from differences between the Christian faith as expressed in the New Testament and the Jewish faith or whether they stem from misguided interpretations of the New Testament; and (c) to draft guidelines for clergy and teachers to address the issues.

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