ACCJ supports Royal Commission into abuse of children


The Australian Council of Christians and Jews is an organisation that promotes interfaith dialogue and harmony between our two rich traditions and beliefs. In both traditions, the welfare of the most vulnerable members of society is paramount.
The violation of the innocence of children is abhorrent to us all. That members of religious communities and those who are put in positions of authority over children might have abused that authority and inflicted physical, spiritual, moral and psychic pain on them is truly shameful to us, and we deplore it.
In the light of our shared regard for the welfare of children and to alleviate the devastating effects on these children as they grow into maturity, we express our support for the establishment of a Royal Commission to investigate the history of child abuse by institutions of religion and other organisations whose aim is to care for children. We hope that an outcome is one of truth and reconciliation for victims, their families and any institutions involved.
We pray and fervently hope that the result of such an enquiry will be a collective listening to the pain of those who have been harmed in these ways and that such hearing will assist them towards healing.
We hope that those who have so offended, and those who have abetted them with their silence, will acknowledge offending and offer genuine penitence as part of the process of healing, that there will be a just outcome, and that protocols and procedures will be developed and embraced by people of all faiths to ensure that such suffering never occurs again.