ACCJ statement on Notre Dame Cathedral Fire


The Australian Council of Christians and Jews expresses its deepest
sympathies to the people of France, and Christian believers
everywhere, over the terrible spiritual loss the nation has sustained
through the fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

While the nature of church is much more than stone, this great symbol
of Christianity, and this repository of some of the most beautiful and
ennobling art that human beings are capable of creating, stands as a
symbol of the striving of human beings to touch the divine.

Thus the loss of the cathedral brings all of us — Christians, Jews, and
those with no faith tradition at all — to a recognition of the fragility of
that which is made by humans in the glory of transcendent being and a
transcendent beauty.

The Australian Council of Christians and Jews mourns with the faithful
of all religions in France, and looks forward to the rebuilding of Notre

Our hearts are with the people of France today.

Media Contacts:
Rev Dr Michael Trainor 0402 452 051
Dr Ron Hoenig 0419 183 214

16 April 2019