Brisbane conference to “engage the other”


An ACCJ conference in Brisbane later this month aims to bring together members of the main Abrahamic faiths under the broad banner of “Engaging the Other”.  “Engaging the Other” will present Jewish-Christian Perspectives in the light of the 2007 Berlin Document, ‘A Time for Recommitment’. The keynote speaker will be Emeritus Rabbi Dr John Levi AM DD.
It is the first time the Australian Council of Christians and Jews has undertaken such an exploration of the issues impacting on Christians, Jews and Muslims in Australia.
The three-day conference will take place on the Banyo campus of the Australian Catholic University from 29 September.
“We are delighted to receive the ACU’s acceptance to hold this year’s conference in Brisbane”, said Australian Council of Christians and Jews (ACCJ) president William Szekely.
“This will be a unique opportunity to bring together members of the main faiths to examine the important issue of religious values as they impact on the various denominations.”
Brisbane-based academic, Dr. Terry Veling, spearheading the planning of the conference said the conference was supported by the Archdiocese of Brisbane’s Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-Religious Dialogue.
Dr. Veling, a member of the Catholic Theological Associations of Australia and America, and the Association of Practical Theology in Oceania, said the Christian community world-wide is increasingly entering into dialogue with people of other faiths.
He reiterated a recent Queensland Churches Together statement that interfaith dialogue presents the challenge to be involved, without confronting or showing disrespect for another person’s own tradition and faith.
“It is a challenge at times when we feel that for every three steps forward we are taking two backward, to stick with interfaith dialogue,” Dr Veling said.

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