ACCJ Statement on Afghanistan


ACCJ Statement on Afghanistan and refugees in Australia

The Australian Council of Christians and Jews expresses its solidarity with
the people of Afghanistan at this time when their human rights are

We express our deepest sympathy with the families of Afghan background
in Australia and embrace them with our solidarity
We call on people of all faiths and none to redouble our opposition to all
forms of discrimination rooted in bigotry and prejudice, whether based on
religion, race or gender.

We call on the Australian government to immediately ensure there is a
pathway for refugees to seek security in Australia and the nations
neighbouring Afghanistan.

We call upon our government to expedite efforts to secure safe passage for
Afghan citizens who assisted Australian troops in their task in Afghanistan.

We urge our leaders to break the silence on Afghanistan by voicing their
support for Afghan civilians and spell out the nature of Australia’s
commitment to peace in Afghanistan.

We urge the Australian government to grant and distribute aid to Afghan
civilians in neighbouring countries.

We call for the Australian government to enact its obligations under the
1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol.

Now is the time for a blanket extension of temporary protection visas to
safeguard Afghan nationals in Australia, on Manus Island, and Nauru.

We urge the government to grant humanitarian visa pathways to protect
those not privileged with such protection.

We urge Australia to follow its Commonwealth partner, Canada, and
provide support for at least 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan and to
pressure other governments to accept Afghan refugees.

Dr Ron Hoenig
Chair (0419 183 214)