ACCJ supports ban on Nazi symbols


24 March 2023
Countering racism and banning Nazi symbols
The Australian Council of Christians and Jews supports the
statement/article by the Online Hate Prevention Institute on the
banning of symbols of Nazism.
The Council rejects the range of hateful symbols employed by the
neo-Nazi movement and acknowledges successful moves in some
states to ban symbols of Nazi ideology.
We also congratulate the Victorian parliament on its swift moves to
ban the Nazi salute.
However, we point out that moves to ban symbols mean very little
without a clear political plan to counter Nazism, neo-Nazism, white
supremacism, and racism in whatever guises it takes.
We reject attempts to divide the world into groups which are
favoured and groups which are seen as subhuman. We know where
that leads.
Our joint traditions reject discrimination based on race, class, culture,
religion, gender, and sexualities, and we affirm those values in our
Media Comment
Dr Ron Hoenig