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Conflict Resolution Between The Three Religious Traditions
Judaism, Islam And Christianity

The Council of Christians and Jews  (Victoria)

Together with Trinity College Theological School


Grace Sharon

Grace Sharon was born in Queensland, came to Melbourne in 1983, commenced a Bachelor of Theology at the United Faculty of Theology in 2002, and is now a Candidate for Ordination for the Priesthood within the Anglican Diocese in Melbourne.

In 2006, Grace was invited to attend a course called "Conflict Resolution between the Three Religious Traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam" at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At this course, Grace realised that resolving the conflict in the Middle East and more importantly, resolving issues of conflict within and between the three Abrahamic religions, no matter where one lives in the world, requires a knowledge and understanding of what all three traditions teach.

The workshop will discuss traditions of the three faiths and the current conflicts within and without, conflict analysis, and conflict resolution.

Sunday May 20th 3.00 p.m.
Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Royal Pde. Parkville The University of Melbourne

We cordially invite you to attend and if possible please advise the CCJ office Tel 9817 3848 or email