Celebrating a decade of activity


Earlier this year Adelaide celebrated 10 years of the Council of Christians and Jews. In February of 2005, Dr. Zuesse stepped down as Jewish Co-Chair, having served in that capacity since the first beginnings of the SA CCJ in 1994.

The new Jewish co-chair is Ron Hoenig. The other Executive Officers were re-elected to serve another year.

The first meeting of 2005 heard Rabbi Patti Kopstein speak and lead a deeply involving workshop on the topic of pastoral care of the dying.

A major issue that has absorbed a good deal of discussion in the SA CCJ in 2005 is the current World Council of Churches resolution to disinvest in Israel, to punish it for its presence in the “”Occupied Territories”(of course Israel holds that it does not ””illegally occupy”those territories; one cannot occupy a country, the supposed Arab state of ””Palestine,”that has never existed until now and that can only come about for the first time as the result of serious peace negotiations).  It has become clear that this WCC campaign is not supported by Australian church bodies, nor even the National Council of Churches, but it remains a problematic issue.

Council addresses have also dealt with issues relating to the Lord's Prayer, Pauline thought, and Martin Buber's philosophy.

Among the fascinating and involving sessions planned for 2005 is one to be called BYO Chagall. The evening is designed to enable members and participants to share their favourite image and explore the artist?s vibrant visual meditations.

In one of the meetings Dr Zuesse explored the history of Jewish views of other religions, Rabbinic, medieval and modern.