An Anthology of Latin American Jewish Writings


ISBN: 916288-06-4 288 pgs.

Twenty-five writers, journalists, critics, short story writers, poets, playwrights, scholars and editors, from Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela are represented in this unique anthology. It includes the work of Alberto Gurchenoff and Ceasar Tiempo from Argentina, who were famous in their day, Clarice Lispector from Brazil, and many more. It includes such journalism as the interview with Dr. Elena Blumenfeld, who was decorated by the Government of Venezuela for her work with lepers, and the discovery of a ””lost”Jewish community on the Amazon river. Until the appearance in English of the works of Jewish writers born between 1890 and 1945 in twelve Latin American countries and represented in Echad…non-Spanish readers were barred from familiarity with the poetry, drama, novels and criticism of Latin-American Jewish writers. . .””

Martin Sable Inter-American Review of Bibliography