42 synagogues, 40 Shabbatot, 6 Streams of Judaism,One God


The disputed capital of Israel is a place that holds more synagogues, churches and mosques per kilometre than any place in the world. In order to find out why the people there need so many different houses of prayer, I decided to conduct an experiment. I visited 42 synagogues over the space of one year, covering six streams of Judaism.

Ittay Flescher

The process of visiting these many communities of prayer was as fascinating as it was challenging. I witnessed many things that I had never seen, or expected, in a community of worshipers. I was fascinated by the shule with no Rabbi, the shule where every congregant takes a part in delivering the dvar torah, the shule where every word of the tfilla (prayers) was sung in a mantra, the shule that still sacrifices animals as a form of prayer, the shule where nuns and priests daven (pray) alongside Jews and the shule where no word is sung, but every word is cried.

Israeli born Ittay Flescher has been exploring and observing Jewish life for as long as he can remember. He is dynamic and creative educator who has taught at the Adass Israel School, Bialik College, Mount Scopus College and the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. Ittay is currently the Jewish Studies Curriculum convenor at The King David school where he also teaches Hebrew and Jewish Studies in the Secondary School. Ittay recently returned from a year of study in Israel as a fellow on the Hebrew University's Senior Educators Program.

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